Racial Equality/Reconciliation

We support organisations to use their power and influence to give Minority colleagues chance and hope.

We recognise that it is a gigantic privilege not to experience racial discrimination or inequality in any way.  We also recognise most leaders and managers are afraid or even feel ill-equipped to act on Racial Equity or perhaps, the race topic makes them uneasy. We intervene by designing questionnaires and guidance which guide managers to discuss such topics with all confidence, a kind of nib in the bud conversations around difficult conversations. 

We will engage with you to review your working culture, undertake organisation diagnostic report, and then support you to implement racial equity gradually, making your organisation an all-inclusive one.  Becoming an environment where people can work with dignity of having their histories acknowledged, and their life experience valued.

It is time to move away from vague platitudes and deliver genuine racial equity within their organisations. We are excited to support you on this restoration and turnaround journey.